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While most people would agree that dancing on a dead man’s coffin is taking strange funeral behaviour to a whole new level, a recently departed was given the wildest sent off.


His coffin was stepped upon and dragged along the road, and a car with spinners hanging onto the vehicle’s bonnet, roof and boot lid raced around the box.

The video, said to have been made over the weekend in Tshwane, shows a group of youths – some holding beer bottles – repeatedly jumping on the coffin and slapping it like a drum.

Shouts of “Yebo! Yebo!” can be heard as the coffin is dragged and pushed to the middle of the street where a red car, overflowing with the deceased’s old friends, circles the box.

According to a source it was the funeral of a well-known thug who went by the nickname Skhokoza.

“I wish you knew who Skhokoza was and what a dangerous thug he was,” the source said.

A one Professor Maphalala said:

“In Africa, death is a most solemn occasion. “In some African cultures funerals are so respected that only the elders speak at the funeral.

“It is clear there was no elder at this funeral,” the professor said.

He said in his travels around Africa, observing funeral rites, he had never encountered such an event.

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