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Emmanuel Jime Biography,Wiki, Profile, Age, Achievements And Net Worth



Who Is Emmanuel Jime?,Wikipedia, Profile, Age, Net Worth And Educational Qualification.


Emmanuel Jime is the Former Managing Director, Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority (NEPZA),He  is a man who is a symbol of the typical story of the Benue child. His particular story is that of starting life like every other ordinary child and facing the challenges that one encounters while growing through the ranks and yet achieving extraordinary things through doggedness, perseverance, hard work and total belief in God.

He is a man who believes in mobilizing and influencing those around him, through intellectual engagements and focused leadership, towards achieving common good. Indeed, he is a man who has combined the power of purpose and vision to do extraordinary things in so short a time and with such doggedness that cannot be missed. Come with us as we take you through the highlights of a life so interesting and inspiring as we present to you Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Jime.

Early Life

Emmanuel Lyambee Jime  is 56 years old was born on (20th of June, 1962) to the family of Pa Jime Tsav of Anter in Mbalagh Council Ward of Makurdi Local Government Area, Benue State.

His father was a police officer who served his nation with honor and pride. As it were, Emmanuel Jime grew up in the barracks – a completely secular society or mini-Nigeria where he found himself interacting freely with people of diverse tongues, cultures and religious beliefs.

Instructively, the people as diverse as they were in their backgrounds were united first as Nigerians by common aspirations and hopes of a great nation. Young Jime would be even more so influenced as he watched the ease with which his own parents related with other people in exemplar love, peace and harmony. These, no doubt, greatly helped in forming his opinion about life.

It is evident that he began to realize (at such an early age) the overwhelming strength in unity. To date, this phenomenon greatly impacts on his public life. That is why he is a bridge builder across all divides within Benue and Nigeria at large.

Another thing that greatly influenced his early life and worldview was that he grew up during the formative years of Nigeria as an independent nation, at a time when African nationalism was becoming more popular. This gave him the opportunity to witness the emergence of independent African nations through the spirited doggedness of renowned activists such as Chief Luthuli, Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela of South Africa who looked apartheid in the face and mobilized their nation towards its freedom.

Elsewhere, the likes of Kwame Nkrumah, former President of Ghana envisaged and fought for African unity; Martin Luther King and others who changed the course of history through self-sacrifice in order to achieve the desired liberation for all. These developments began to unleash the advocate in young Emmanuel Jime as he discovered that determination coupled with sincerity of purpose and faith were powerful tools that could defeat the worst or even strongest enemy. That is why, today, the man Jime will spare no righteous way in getting justice. This is obviously a very rare and outstanding character trait to be found in public life, especially in our Nigeria of today.

 Education And Qualifications

He began his quest for knowledge at St. Williams Primary School, Keffi from 1968-74 where his young and curious mind was activated to prepare for the world ahead.

He then proceeded to Community Secondary School, Makurdi (1974-79) where he got his WASC and was ready to launch into the deep. At this point the young and grateful Emmanuel Jime also learnt the importance of community and communal service. He understood what a people can achieve by simply coming together and rallying around one another through every circumstance.

By the way, as a beneficiary of community efforts towards providing education, he remains truly grateful. As a result, has continued to make his modest and humble contributions towards uplifting Community Secondary School, Makurdi and several others across the State.

To him, this is a necessary way of giving back to the society that gave him a fair chance to take a shot at life; a community of men and women that rose above their ethnic affiliations and other considerations and united around a common goal of pooling resources together to provide education for children in order to give them a decent future. This is something Emmanuel Jime has done with all sense of responsibility and humility even as he hesitates to count it as an achievement. It is clear that he is willing and eager to even do more if given the opportunity.

His journey of quest for knowledge took him to the famous Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where he studied law from 1980-83 obtaining an LLB at graduation. After graduation he moved on to the Nigerian Law School, Lagos from 1983-84; he obtained a BL and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1984. His choice of Law as a course was influenced by a number of factors including:

  • The effect of the emergence of African Nationalism on his early childhood.
  • With a father that worked as a police officer, Rt. Hon. Jime began to appreciate the place of law in human society.
  • As a student in high school, he always represented his school in debating competitions and won most of those debates.
  • His appreciation of how lawyers can uphold the dignity of man.

The civil rights activities of the African-American people, particularly Martin Luther King (Jnr) and teaching of Black Consciousness as part of the ABU, Zaria curriculum when he was a student there merely added impetus to his decision of being a lawyer.


Upon successful completion of his mandatory national youth service in Port Harcourt, he began a career at LUWA Chambers, Makurdi which was owned by the late Barr. Gbihi Vembe, a renowned legal giant.

Again his choice of where to work was not based on sectional considerations but rather on the need for quality and a sound experience; it was simply the desire for a place that could help him grow into a sound lawyer.

Everyone who was around at the time will agree that LUWA Chambers offered one of the best option8s. It never took long for the head of the chambers to discover the content and quality of Hon. Jime. Consequently, Barr. Vembe encouraged him to start his own chambers, a challenge he accepted gladly. This development gave birth to LOBI Chambers where Hon. Jime was a principal partner. At the same time, he served as Legal Counsel to Makurdi Local Government for six months prior to his launch into the world of partisan politics.

Family Life, Wife And Children

Emmanuel Jime is married to Comfort Jime nee Oklobia and the marriage is blessed with three kids : Emmanuella; Emmanuel and Cynthia.

He fondly calls his wife CJ – the woman with whom he has built a partnership of love and exemplar parenting of the kids the lord has blessed the union with.

In spite of the exacting demands of office and politics which chores mean he is sometimes not home before the kids’ bedtime, he often calls as bedtime beckons, to speak with the family and exchange nighttime farewells. This seemingly small act, undone, distances kids from the love of a father.

As a dad, Emmanuel Jime sometimes shared in the chore of picking up his kids from school – primary school. As they drive home, the House of Reps member would play host as Emmanuel and Cynthia cheerfully take turns to tell the story of what they learnt in school that day. All three looked forward to this special moment.

The family is a devote Christian family firmly of the catholic faith and strongly attached to the moral principles that guide same.

Political Career

It is said that the gold fish has no hiding place. Same is true of Hon. Jime. While he was settling down to nurse the vision of growing his chambers into one of the most prestigious legal institutions in the country, his people back home had already identified him as a worthy son and ambassador who could represent them.

So it was that when in 1992 the defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP) was formed, he was called to run for a seat in the Benue State House of Assembly (BNHA) on the ticket of the SDP which he did and won.

On getting into the House to commence the business of executing the mandate of his people, his colleagues also identified the leader in him. This led to his election as the Speaker, BNHA at the age of 30 years making him one of the youngest in the country at the time.

Life Time Achievements

His tenure in the State House of Assembly was cut short by the military abortion of the democratic process by late General Sani Abacha. However, Hon. Jime’s short stint at the House was not without impact.

As a man who has always been grateful about how much society has given him, and is also eager to give back in whatever way he can, he stood by the then Governor Rev. Fr. Moses Adasu (of blessed memory) to ensure the birth of Benue State University. As at the time, it would become the first state-owned university in the whole of northern Nigeria.

This university has contributed in no small measure in increasing the literacy level of our people and Nigerians at large.

Today teeming populations of Benue youth have been given a chance to higher education through these efforts.

When the military took over, Hon. Jime returned to his legal practice and moved to Abuja where he continued his legal practice in a fresh and new firm known as AMINCI Chambers in Garki area of Abuja.

He was beginning to settle down when once again his people came calling as Nigeria began another democratic experience.

He ran on the ticket of the People’s Democratic Party for the Makurdi/Guma Federal Constituency in 2007 and got overwhelming victory. After his first term in the National Assembly, he was returned again in 2011 for the 7th National Assembly whose tenure will expire on 29th May, 2015. Since then he has been executing the mandate of his people with pride and honor.

It is worthy of note that throughout his political career, Hon. Jime has honored his people by keeping a good name by trying very hard to be seen living above board. This is a core value of a true leader.

  • Chairman of Federal Capital Territory Committee
  • Committee Member of Federal Capital Territory Committee
  • Committee Member of Human Rights Committee
  • Committee Member of Customs and Excise Committee
  • Committee Member of Media and Public Affairs Committee
  • Committee Member of Power Committee
  • Committee Member of Legislative Budget and Research Committee
  • Deputy Chairman House Committee on Justice
  • Deputy Chairman House Committee on Petroleum (upstream).

(HB. 189) Treaties (Making Procedure, etc) Act (Amendment) Bill, 2011

(HB.54)Petroleum Industry Bill, 2011

(HB. 311) Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999(Alteration) Bill, 2012 to create an office of mayor for the FCT.

(HB. 307) Federal Capital Territory College of Agriculture (Establishment, etc) Bill, 2012

(HB. 188) Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Alternation) Bill, 2011 to make chapter 5 of the Constitution justiciable.

(HB. 483) Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (Amendment) Bill, 2013 to amend the presidential powers of pardon to no longer allow for pardon to be extended to convicts whose offences are of an economic and financial.

(HB. 502) Private Guard Companies Act (First Amendment) Bill, 2013

(HB. 439) Federal Capital Territory Social Health Insurance Scheme Bill, 2013

(HB. 351) Federal Capital Territory Property Tax Bill, 2012

(HB. 505) Explosives Act (First Amendment) Bill 2013

Winner Of APC Benue State Governorship Primaries 2019

On 2nd of October Emmanuel Jime emerged the winner of the APC governorship ticket for the 2019 general elections in Benue.

Hon. Emmanuel Jime came out the winner of APC Benue State governorship Primaries election Flag bearer for the 2019 gubernatorial  election after all other five aspirants for the governorship slot stepped down for him.



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