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See Obono-obla’s Certificate Is Authentic As WAEC Uploads Original Result



Obono-obla’s Certificate Is Authentic As WAEC Uploads Original Result


The recent controversy surrounding the Forgery of WAEC certificates of some government officials has been creating a lot of mixed feelings and outrage among the Nigerian populace but recent developments around one of the scandals involving the Senior special assistant to the President on recovery of Public Property, Chief Okoi Obono Obla has cast a big shadow on the validity of these reports.

Obono-Obla has been making huge progress in his investigations into the illegal acquisition of Public Property (He was responsible for discovering DSP Ike Ekweremadu’s vast array of properties in nigeria and Abroad). The certificate scandal came up shortly after he started investigating some key figures in the House of Representatives.

Obla was warned and even threatened to stop digging. They resorted to blackmail and using their proxies in the media to kick-start the scandal.

I decided to investigate thing for my self. Obono-Obla’s WAEC reg number is 09403247. He graduated from Mary Knoll college in Ogoja, Cross river state in 1982 and Sat for his WAEC examinations. He passed 5 subject, English, English literature, Economics, government and Bible Knowledge (4 credits and 1 distinction). He was issued a statement of result by Mary Knoll bearing the accurate WAEC result and he used the same WAEC result to gain admission into the University of Jos.

Obla, from my investigations, graduated from UNIJOS, entered law school, passed and was called to Bar. He has been practising law for 34 years. All of a sudden when he becomes an SSA to the president on Recovery of public property, a Job that involves him looking into the dirty activities and past of very crooked politicians, all of a sudden, he has a ‘FAKE’ Waec certificate?

As fate would have, I logged into the WAEC portal to see for my self, (SCREENSHOT BELOW), The result i saw on the portal corresponds with Obla’s confessions.

It seems WAEC failed to alter the online version of the result. I quickly took a screenshot before they alter it..see it below;

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