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Read Biography & Profile Of Saint Dikeji Daniel Miyerijesu – ”Jesus Holiness & Bishop Whole World”





1984, on a particular Saturday when a Crusade was held by the Anglican Adam Preaching Society (AAPS) at Ofagbe town in Isoko North Local Govt. Area, Delta State, Nigeria. The Bishop was in attendance. The next day of the crusade which was on a Sunday, at about 4p.m. he (Jesus Holiness) went alone to the crusade arena. On his way approaching the arena, he heard a loud voice, saying “Dikeji” (calling his native name), he turned around to see who was calling, but couldn’t find anybody. He took a few steps further and heard the voice the second time “Dikeji”.

He turned back again, and couldn’t find anyone, so he decided to continue on his movement towards the Crusade arena. As He moved further, he heard the voice the third time calling more loudly the same name “Dikeji”. At this point he stood, turned back and suddenly, the Lord began to speak to him, saying “I am sending you as a distributor”. He (Jesus Holiness) asked: “a distributor of what? Is it of beer?” The Lord replied, “I am making you a distributor of my word”. A week later, Jesus appeared to the Jesus Holiness in a dream and said “I am Jesus, the one calling you.” I want to use you, and to make you my representative on earth in order to tell the world about the good news so that they will not die and go to hell fire. The Bishop replied, “Lord if you are sending me, then give me power.” The Lord answered ,“I will give you power to represent me on earth”. Jesus Holiness Saint Dikeji MiyeriJesu yielded to this great mandate, and since then, a new move of the power of God was birthed as God began to wrought special miracles by his hand with the word being preached under an undeniable and inexplicable influence of the power of the Holy Spirit, through which millions of people have been touched by the undiluted word of God. By virtue of this great mandate, many have been saved spiritually and physically, the blind can now see, the dumb can speak, the deaf can hear, the lame can walk, the dead were brought back to life, just to mention but a few. Till this very moment God is still doing special and undeniable miracles by the hand of His servant, – Jesus Holiness Saint Dikeji MiyeriJesu

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