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INDIA Willoughby Goes Compeletly Naked And Shows Her Succulent Boobs On Display For Been Quizzed



INDIA Willoughby displays her boobs job scars for being quizzed about her assets by Rachel Johnson once again.


The transgender newsreader was topless in the bathroom when journalist Rachel, who was putting make up on with Ashley James, asked to take a closer look.

She said: “Oh can I have a look. They are fantastic.”

Awestruck, Ashley told her: “You are wonderfully body conscious more than most of us here.”

India, 51, replied: “Boobs to me are not a sexual thing, do you know what I mean? They were never sexual for me in my old life I just felt like they were missing.”

Rachel then proceeded to ask about her surgery, saying: “Did they do it around the nipple or underneath? You don’t seem to have anything scar underneath.”

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