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Oh No!! Thai Man Shoots His Son-in-law And Daughter Dead After An Argument At A Drinking Party (Photos)



A Thai man shot his son-in-law and then his daughter after an argument at a drinking party.


The father had only been out of jail for a year after serving time for another murder.

Khoktoom police in Lopburi rushed to the scene at a house in their district and found the two victims dead next to a Toyota Alphard van.

Next to the open door of the van was Thinkorn Cheuawong, 44, from Lopburi, dressed just in brown shorts who had been shot in the forehead.

Nearby in pink shirt and long black pants was Jeeranan Dee-em, 38, who had been shot in the left side of the chest.

Two 11 mm shell casings were found and taken into evidence.

Police were told that the shooter was the woman’s father Sanan Dee-em who had been arguing over land with his son-in-law at a drinks party.

Thinkorn had decided to leave and go to his vehicle but Sanan followed him and shot him in the head.

His daughter who was filming the incident on her mobile phone was then shot too.

Police are searching for Sanan who Daily News said had only been out of jail for just over a year after serving time for murder.

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