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OMG!! Doctors Removed 12kg Feces From Bowels Of A Man Who Had Hirschsprung’s Disease In China (Photos)



Doctors removed 12.7 kg of feces from the bowels of a man who was reportedly constipated since birth. 


The unnamed 22-year-old had 30 inches of his grossly enlarged bowel removed by surgeons at Tenth People’s Hospital of Shanghai in China.

It is believed the young man had Hirschsprung’s disease, which causes the bowels to swell because the nerves that are supposed to control the gut are missing.

Doctors said the man looked like he was nine months pregnant because of the painful enlargement and feces backup.

The medical experts believe he had been constipated for years and looked ‘like he was about to explode.’

The patient said he had always suffered from constipation and used laxatives, but those only offered a brief relief.

He finally went to the hospital so doctors could relieve him of his symptoms.

Tests conducted determined the man had months, even years, worth of feces inside a portion of his colon, causing the immense swelling of his abdomen.

Dr Yin Lu said the procedure lasted three hours and removed the enlarged body part, according to Inverse Science.

See Photos Below……

Shocker: Doctors Remove 12 Kg Of Feaces From A Constipated Man

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