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Anybody Who Is Planning A Coup In Nigeria Is Planning His Death – Tony Momoh



Former Minister of Information, Chief Tony Momoh has warned against any planned coup de tat in the country saying those plotting to take over the rulership of the nation through undemocratic means will not succeed.


Speaking in a chat with Independent, Momoh, a chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) said going by Nigeria’s history, no coup in Nigeria succeeds where it was resisted.

According to Momoh, “Historically, there is no coup in Nigeria that was successful where it was resisted. In our history, all the coups in Nigeria have been on radio coup. What the coup planners did was to go and seize the radio and television stations and started broadcasting”.

“Since 1992, we have deregulated broadcasting and instead of the concentration of the network in Nigeria in the hands of Radio Nigeria, Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) and the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), we now have hundreds of radio stations and diversified ownerships and even online radio and newspapers”.

“Also, the structure of the Nigerian Army then where you have one division controlling from Sokoto to Ibadan and then we have the middle line from the North to the South and the Eastern line from the North to the South. In that type of structure, anybody who is planning a coup is planning his death”.

“No coup will succeed in Nigeria where it is resisted. Even the so-called cancellation of the June 12 presidential election of late MKO Abiola failed because it was a coup that was resisted.

So, anybody who is ambitious should go and look at the constitution of Nigeria and come into rulership through due process. If they want to do any coup, it will never succeed and they can never come into power” he said.

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